(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Following the guilty verdict for Letecia Stauch, the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office held a press conference to reflect on the years of hard work in bringing justice for Gannon’s family.

“I’ve been a prosecutor for a long time, and I’ve never seen a case that had an impact like this case had on a family in the community, on a prosecutor’s office, in the sheriff’s office, in our national agencies,” said Fourth Judicial District Attorney Michael Allen.

Allen thanked the sheriff’s office and Sheriff Joe Roybal for the fantastic work done throughout the investigation. Additionally, Allen discussed the role of divine intervention in this case.

“I want to talk a little bit about divine intervention, too. There’s without a doubt that divine intervention played a role in this case, at different times,” Allen said. “Most importantly, when we talk about what happened with Macon Ponder down there in Pensacola, Florida, on March 17th. As he’s inspecting that bridge, he finds Gannon’s remains and closes that last loophole for us giving this family some closure as to what happened to their sweet boy.”

Allen said the bridge where Gannon’s body was discovered is inspected once every two years.

“If he had been at that bridge just a month and a half, two months prior, it’s likely that Gannon’s remains were never found,” Allen said. “God’s fingerprints are on this case.”

Sheriff Joe Roybal told Gannon’s biological parents the impact Gannon had on the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in how pictures of Gannon remain inside.

“When tragedy strikes, we all come together,” Roybal said. “Still to this day, there are ribbons, signs, and tributes across our community for Gannon. And I want to share with the parents of Gannon as I walk the office, especially in investigations, there’s still photos and tributes to Gannon, a reminder of why the deputies, the investigators worked tirelessly.”

Roybal expressed his appreciation for law enforcement agencies all throughout the country that stepped up to help out in this case.

“As with any large investigation, we have not done it alone,” Roybal said. “Without the exhaustive efforts of partners in our law enforcement community, the value of relationships, the strong collaboration amongst law enforcement organizations across local, state, and federal levels cannot be overstated.”

In El Paso County, Roybal said this case was one of the largest in sheriff’s office history and thanked all who dedicated time in working to bring justice for Gannon.

“This case was arguably one of the largest in sheriff’s office history, both notoriety and depth of information collected,” Roybal said. “To this point, it’s important for me to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice and dedication of the men and women of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and their resolve to bring Gannon’s killer to justice.”

Lorson Ranch, the neighborhood that Gannon went missing from, also was recognized during the press conference.

“I’ve never seen a community come together like the Lorson Ranch community did, El Paso County, and truly the world,” Allen said. “Every single mother that heard about this case fell in love with Gannon. His sweet smile, his bubbly personality in the fact that his life was cut short in the most horrific way possible.”

Neighbors in the area helped organize search parties and lit blue lights as a way for Gannon to find his way home.

Gannon’s biological mother, Landen Bullard-Hoitt, thanked the community and the help each person played since the beginning.

“I thank the community. I thank Lorson Ranch. I thank my church family. I thank restoration,” Bullard-Hoitt said. “I thank everyone that was here today, Albert’s family, my family, and people that are watching at home also want to thank the judge, the jurors, and Michael Allen and your team for putting up with me in my emotional mess that I’ve been since from the beginning. But I’ve adopted a new family and I’m very blessed to have you in Gannon’s army.”