(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A new survey released on Wednesday by the American Farm Bureau Federation found the cost of Thanksgiving dinner went up by 20%.

“We do this survey every year for 37 years. Members of ours, the Farm Bureau, go out and they collect prices,” said Roger Cryan, Chief Economist at American Farm Bureau Federation. “They go either to stores, they go online, they’ve gone to stores and in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico…. this year the price of a market basket with 12 items for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner was about $64.05 which was about 20% higher than last year.”

In the survey, the feast was for 10 with 12 signature Thanksgiving items including turkey, stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkin mix, whipped cream, and more. Last year the cost was $53.31, and this year it is up $10.74 to a total cost of $64.05.

When looking at factors to the increase in cost the American Farm Bureau Federation spoke on inflation, the War in Ukraine, and problems farmers are facing.

“There’s a few things that are contributing to this. One of them is general inflation, we have general inflation in the economy running at about 7 to 9%,” said Cryan. “It is a significant issue and it’s about a third of the impact here. We also have disruptions in a lot of supply chains, our farmers are facing higher costs.”

Cryan said that there are a lot of challenges out in the world right now, but it is important to support agriculture.

“But when you look around the world, food security is getting to be challenging again. It’s reviving as an issue,” said Cryan. “And it’s important for us to remember that if we’re going to address food security, the starting point…has to be making sure we’ve got solid, productive agricultural support for productive agriculture.”

Safeway supermarkets are prepared for the increase in shoppers and the high demand for signature Thanksgiving items.

“So we have loads that come in every single day and so we’re constantly replenishing and restocking all of our holiday offerings as well as all of our offerings,” said Kris Staaf, Director of Public Affairs for Albertsons Safeway Denver Division. “So you’re going to get fresh food every single day.”

Safeway supermarkets are offering several deals to help you save for the holiday.

“This is probably the biggest food holiday of the season and so there are a lot of great deals out there for the savvy shopper,” said Staaf. “Downloading the digital app will open the door to so many great savings.”

For those shopping at Safeway, they can also get a free turkey after spending a certain amount.

“Then if you spend $150 in any given purchase, you can get a free turkey,” said Staaf. “And guess what? You get to pick the size of the turkeys. So lots of great opportunities there for shoppers to save also.”

One Safeway shopper shared that even with the high costs it is still a holiday filled with giving thanks.

“It’s not going to change. I mean, Thanksgiving, you know, and you’re spending it with family,” said Ronnie Sanchez, store shopper. “And I have an 82-year-old mom who’s at home so that’s what we’re going to go visit, so it’s you know, it is worth it.”