COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Texas Roadhouse says they were scammed by a customer who claimed a server altered a receipt, giving herself a bigger tip.

Last week, Doug Woodward of Colorado Springs told FOX21 News a server at the Texas Roadhouse on Powers Boulevard had altered his credit card slip after he signed it, boosting the tip line.

He claimed it had happened two other times.

When we talked to management at the restaurant, they originally confirmed to us the server did indeed tamper with the bill and she’d been fired. Now the restaurant chain is saying they are the ones who got scammed.

Here’s what we know, Woodward came to us with the guest receipt his wife had held on to as well as a copy of the merchant receipt he says he got from a manager at Texas Roadhouse when he went back to complain.

The merchant copy had clearly been altered. Instead of a $10 tip which is what Woodward says he intended to leave, it was changed to an $18 tip.

When we called Texas Roadhouse to see what was going on, they responded with this statement:

“After our investigation, we confirmed that Mr. Woodward’s receipt was tampered with by one of our employees. The employee has been terminated and we are refunding the full amount of his bill to Mr. Woodward.”

Now the restaurant chain claims the entire incident was a scam.

In a statement released Monday, September 26, Spokesman Travis Doster said:

Sadly, we have discovered this was a scam. We have rehired Meghan, banned this gentleman for life from any Texas Roadhouse and are considering legal action. To suggest that Meghan or Texas Roadhouse would knowingly attempt to scam a veteran is unconscionable, especially given our company’s support of veterans and active military.”

We got back in touch with Woodward and he says Texas Roadhouse’s accusations are ridiculous. He sent us the following statement:

“I am currently out of town but am eager to confront the general manager at Texas Roadhouse upon my return. My last contact with him was filled with apologies not only from him but Texas Roadhouse’s corporate office. During that conversation, he invited me back for a free meal and he said he was refunding the entire amount of the bill. I told him neither was necessary and at this time neither has happened. There was four adults sitting at the table that night, all of which will testify the merchant copy was handed to the waitress as we were standing up to leave and in no way had been altered by any of us. In fact, we did not know that the receipt had been altered until the manager showed it to us. She was in shock herself and was quite embarrassed at the time by what she was showing me. The only way this $8 would benefit anyone is if they were doing it multiple times a night, multiple nights a week. If the waitress would have asked me for the $8, I would have given it to her. The management at Texas Roadhouse should be ashamed of themselves. The smoking gun is they presented the altered receipt, not us. What has Texas Roadhouse altered now?”

The folks at Texas Roadhouse are so convinced Woodward has scammed them that they say they will never let him in any of their restaurants again but when we asked for proof that Woodward was lying, Texas Roadhouse couldn’t give us any.