FLORISSANT — Wednesday was the Florissant Fire Protection District’s first town hall meeting since Fire Chief Mike Bailey was removed from his position as chief at the fire district. Fire Chief Bailey had been removed on May 16th, amidst dismay from members of the community.

“I think some people are here because they were very much in love with Chief Bailey,” said community member, Toni Moore.

Moore said it didn’t make sense that Chief Bailey was fired, and that the bored gave flimsy reasons for their decision to remove him.

Read the chief’s rebuttal below.

Also, it was decided when the board didn’t have a quorum. A month prior to this decision, all the board member but one resigned, so there was no real majority.

Another thing the community has a gripe with is the lack of communication.

“They couldn’t show their financial records, they can’t pass an audit and they don’t like Fire Chief Bailey… is it a bunch of craziness going on in s great board or a crazy board trying to run a fire district?” Moore said.

Also, with it being a fire department, some concerns with us coming into fire season.

“When was the the stage 2 fire ban put into effect? May 12th but on your website, it still has the stage one fire ban,” said a community member who spoke. “And why do we not know we’re in the stage 2 fire ban. You’re the fire department.”

Lack of communication fueled the discussion, with community members saying the fact they don’t post information about open positions for fire chief and board add to the concerns.

“Right now the community has no confidence in the interim chief,” another community member said. “The community has no confidence in the 3 board members that are already here.”