UPDATE: Former Teller County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Bisset is expected to appear in court Thursday, April 14. FOX21 will update this story as more information becomes available.

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ORIGINAL: TELLER COUNTY, Colo — The Teller County Sheriff’s Office has fired one of its Deputies after being arrested on Saturday.

According to court documents, on Saturday morning, Mark Bisset drove onto a property in the town of Florrisant on a four-wheeler with two beers in his shirt pocket and a revolver in his holster hop. The property owner told deputies he believed Bisset seemed intoxicated and had been drinking throughout the day. According to arrest papers, Bisset stated he was a green beret and told the property owner several times he was a deputy for Teller County. He then left and returned 40 minutes later with an assault-style weapon.

The arrest papers accuse Bisset of telling the property owner to open the door to his home while holding the rifle. Bisset was allowed inside. At one point, Bisset told the property owner if he stepped outside, he would shoot him. A 12-year-old was present for the entire incident, and deputies say he was in fear and scared for his life.

Bisset was arrested after the incident and faces a slew of charges, including prohibited use of weapons. Child abuse, first-degree criminal trespass, felony menacing, and first-degree burglary.

The Teller County Sheriff’s Office later announced Bisset was fired.

“The Teller County Sheriff’s will not tolerate or condone this type of behavior.  This in no way reflects on the mission, integrity and dedication of its employees. This was a decision that Mr. Bisset made alone and off duty.  This decision was not conducted under the authority of a peace officer, and was again his personal decision.”

Lieutenant Renne Bunting, Teller County Sheriff’s Office

According to court documents, this isn’t the first time Bisset has been in trouble with the law. In September 2012, Bisset was arrested in Park County on felony menacing with a weapon, misdemeanors including prohibited use of a firearm while drunk, and child abuse. In addition, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor menacing charge. The other charges were dropped, and Bisset was sentenced to serve two years of probation.

FOX21 News checked court documents, and Bisset’s first court appearance for the 2022 case has not been set.