COLORADO SPRINGS — March 24th is World TB Day, a day that is It is meant to draw attention to the devastating social, economic, and public health consequences of tuberculosis.

Colorado Springs has deep roots in the history of treatment for people with the disease. In the early 20th century, there were over 15 sanatoriums providing treatment for tuberculosis patients in the Pike’s Peak region.

1928: The newly built tuberculosis sanatorium in Colorado, USA, where every patient has a separate cottage. (Photo by London Express/Getty Images)

However, after antibiotics were developed due to WWII, most strains of TB were eradicated, and tuberculosis sanitoriums in colorado springs closed. However, TB is once again a major global health threat.

Around the world, approximately 10 million people become sick each year with the disease.
According to the CDC, though the disease is preventable and treatable, it remains one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases, taking the lives of 4 thousand people each day.

As an infectious disease physician, I know that timely diagnosis of tb disease saves lives and prevents the spread of TB in our communities. We must regain the momentum lost because of covid-19 and accelerate progress in saving lives, reaching global TB targets, ensuring equitable access to TB services, and achieving our goal of eliminating TB.” said Dr. Rochelle p. Walensky, CDC director, in a letter to colleagues.

Visit CDC’s World TB Day and Global HIV and TB websites to learn how you can help eliminate TB in your community.