Supply chain crisis causing real-life nightmare for Halloween


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Halloween is drawing closer, but the supply chain crisis is making it difficult for people trying to buy their Halloween costumes, including Kevin Hargis.

His Viking costume plans are at a standstill because his Amazon order is nowhere to be found, and now he’s scrambling to get his hands on Scandinavian attire.

“I paid $30 for it to get on time, and it’s not here,” said Hargis, while shopping at Funny Fashion USA.

Funny Fashion USA in Colorado Springs is a wholesale store that manufactures balloons, costumes and accessories and say they are feeling the impacts of the supply chain crisis.

“All of our decor for Halloween–we have very little, and it won’t come until December, so I’m going to be sitting on Halloween until next year, because we just can’t get it,” said Funny Fashion Manager Diane Lutz.

At one point, the shop was on record pace in sales to surpass previous years, but because of the supply chain…their inventory is down by 40%.

Costs are also going up. Where once they used to pay $6,000-$8,000 on containers, but now they say that price has now gone up to $26,000.

“You have issues of manufactures, employees, product to things together, supply,” said Lutz.

In need of their Halloween fix, people are turning to Saunders costumes in Colorado Springs. Their brick and mortar location was shut down, but owner Eva Saunders-Juzwika is doing what she can to help people out, although supply is limited.

“They call up and say my order from online didn’t make it, and when I do get it it is not the right size, and you come to save me,” said Saunders-Juzwika.

The National Retail Federation said the average American is expected to spend $102 on Halloween this year, and that this latest shortage isn’t stopping people from celebrating the spooky season.

“I’m looking forward this year probably more than the last year,” said Hargis. “Pent up stress we’ve all been there and through a rough time.”

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