COLORADO SPRINGS — The rescheduled public meeting for the Sunset Amphitheater, took place on Tuesday night at Boot Barn Hall.

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the public was invited to comment on the proposal for a new open-air amphitheater in Colorado Springs. Notes Live, the company planning to build the amphitheater, said that the venue plans to host large touring acts on the same campus as the company’s current music venue, Boot Barn Hall.

People in the neighborhood have voiced concerns about access to the venue and the use of offsite parking.

Notes Live held the public meeting to help address concerns in the community about the proposal for the Sunset Amphitheater.

Public meeting at Boot Barn to reveal proposal for The Sunset Amphitheater.

“There’s a lot of elements that goes into a development coming into this region of northern El Paso County,” said Bob Mudd, COO and President of Notes Live.”So just having the opportunity to acknowledge that we’ve listened to what they’ve had to say.”

During the presentation, Notes Live shared with audience members that, per City Ordinance, it is required to have 2,000 parking spaces based on an 8,000-seat capacity.

Notes Live said parking spaces will be provided for this project through on-site parking, on-street parking, and off-site parking. They also shared that 1,878 parking spaces will be available within a .5-mile radius.

Plans shared during the meeting on Tuesday night.

The proposal plans have been reviewed four times by the City Planning Commission and will be reviewed again at a meeting anticipated in November.

“We listen to all citizen feedback and evaluate that as part of our review process,” said Katelynn Wintz, Planning Supervisor for City of Colorado Springs. “No decisions have been made at this time, so we are actively receiving feedback relating to this application.”

At the end of the presentation, community members were able to voice concerns and ask Notes Live for answers.

“There are still a lot of great questions that citizens are raising related to this application and what the potential impacts are for this project,” said Wintz. “Which is all information that our staff is also evaluating at this time. And we look forward to a revised submittal coming to our office.”

Specific concerns addressed include loud noise levels, an increase in traffic to the area, questioning why an amphitheater should be built, and building a parking garage instead.

“We’ll continue to listen to what the community says,” said Mudd. “We’re working hand in hand with the administration the transportation folks will be working with the police department to make sure that we have a cohesive plan, serves the venue well, serves the neighborhood well.”