COLORADO SPRINGS — The El Paso County Coroner said roughly 63 percent of suicides involve a firearm. So, Safe Homes, Safer Families is bringing a series of workshops to Colorado Springs, and on Wednesday, they discussed the topic of gun safety.

“Firearms are the most lethal means that one can access when thinking about death by suicide,” said Cassandra Walton, Executive Director of the Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership.

Walton said something so lethal and final leaves little chance of backing out.

“In most cases, these individuals are in a temporary crisis, we also know that individuals who live through suicide attempts regret that decision,” she said.

The workshop conversation honed in on proper safes and ways of locking guns up when they are not in use.

“Safe storage regarding suicide prevention,” Walton said. “Here’s why it should matter to you. And here are your options. Really debunking some of the myths that… ‘I won’t be able to engage in self protection if I use safe storage’.”

The presentation started with knowing the signs of someone contemplating suicide.

“If there is a change in their use of alcohol or drugs, if it feels like… they’re taking care of things… that they say goodbye…. If you notice, if they are stockpiling pills or purchasing firearms…” Walton said.

If you notice any of these behavioral changes, Walton recommends asking them about it.

“If you really feel like suicide might be something that’s on their mind, bring it up directly,” she said. “Ask them. You know, when you say that, are you talking about suicide? I’m worried that you’re thinking about suicide and then be willing to have that hard conversation.”

Most importantly, the hosts of the workshop said it’s all about saving lives.

“This is a series of workshops to kind of offer a solution,” said Fer Juárez Durán, a Colorado College student and host of the workshop. “A mentor of mine always says be a solution area. So I guess that’s one of the things that we do here.”

Other workshops will be on September 8th and September 9th. For more details, click here.