Editor’s note: A statement made in the Wednesday, Jan. 11th broadcast states that the district plans on drilling 200 new wells. The district confirmed with us they plan on drilling up to 22 new wells.

(CALHAN, Colo.) — A proposal to drill 22 new wells has ranchers in southeastern Colorado concerned.

Gingersnap Rescue Ranch is one of those that is against this new proposition. The ranch moved to Hanover after a wildfire destroyed their first property.

Eryn Maggard, the owner of Gingersnap Rescue Ranch, said they recently found out there’s a plan to drill up to 22 new wells in the Upper Black Squirrel Creek Designated Ground Water Basin, which she said will damage her water supply at the ranch and possibly dry it up completely. 

On Jan. 11 at 6p.m., ranchers and homeowners gathered at the Farmer’s State Bank in Calhan to discuss this proposal and their next plan of action.

Ranchers asked during the meeting if the board could all vote no on the new proposition for drilling new wells.

With wells so close together, they voiced concerns of overflow or even sewage and wastewater creeping into the groundwater, which they said they could be bathing in or even drinking.

One homeowner said she has already her unfiltered water coming out yellow and with a strong odor, and doesn’t want it to become the norm.

“In the beginning, when the water was coming out like this, we didn’t drink it,” said Gera Heisch, who lives in south Ellicott. “We had to buy bottled water. My husband’s like, ‘we spent $20,000 on this well, and we have to buy bottled water.’ I just want to know what’s going on with my water and why it’s so bad.”

The deadline to submit objections is Jan. 14th.

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