(COLORADO) — A recent report analyzing Google search trends found alcohol, tobacco and pornography as the top three vices Americans are most eager to quit, according to Gallus Medical Detox Center (GMDC).

By searching phrases such as “how to quit drinking,” or “how to stop drinking beer,” people across the nation, including the state of Colorado, turned to Google for help with alcohol addiction more than any other habit, according to GMDC. Tobacco and watching pornography were the second and third habits Americans are most trying to quit, per the report.

“How to stop biting nails,” was a behavior more Americans wanted help with than quitting sugar, caffeine, junk food, gambling or cannabis. Cannabis-related search terms came in fifth, according to search queries like “how to stop smoking weed.”

GMDC says the habits Americans most want to quit vary by state. Sugar registered particularly high compared to national search volumes in more than a third of U.S. states. Tobacco came in second with more than a quarter of states, says GMDC.

“When it comes to addictions and bad habits, Americans shouldn’t feel alone in their struggle,” states GMDC on its website.

If you or someone you know may need a medical detox for an addiction, Gallus Medical Detox is a resource that can help support people with substance use disorders. For more information, go to their website at GallusDetox.com.