Students trade pencils for muskets as they bring history alive


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Some elementary students got the chance to travel back in time.

Hundreds of 5th grade students from all Cheyenne Mountain School District schools traded their pencils in for muskets to learn about the Revolutionary War through the eyes of a soldier.

“We are reenacting the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Guilford Court House,” said Michasia Randolph.

It was all about bringing history alive.

“It’s pretty cool, it’s very interesting to do, it’s not just sitting down at your desk reading a book,” said Randolph.

Hundreds of students put on costumes to act out what they’ve learned all year.

“I enjoy all the tactics that we get to learn fighting the other army,” said Conner Green.

“The British technically won, but they lost so many men that it kind of didn’t count,” said Ella Birchfield.

From the costumes they get to wear, to shooting a musket, these students say learning this way is so much better than in the classroom.

“You’re actually in it, you’re feeling what people felt back then,” said Caitlyn Moseley.

“It’s so much better than a classroom, it’s like you actually know what you’re going and no one gets distracted, they’re all in the battle,” said Birchfield.

“We have seniors that come back, I talked to one today actually, who came back remembering his time here in 5th grade,” said teacher Katie Harmon.

The actual Battle of Guilford Court House was fought in March of 1781 and lasted only 90 minutes.

And for these students, they learned just how difficult the battle actually was.

“It was very difficult to be in a battle, everyone is hungry, people are dying all over the place,” said Moseley.

It was a lively way for these students to end another successful year.

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