COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Carmel Middle School student who was put in the hospital with a collapsed lung after being stabbed in the hallway at school got a special surprise Friday.

He met his favorite rapper, Lil’ Flip.

Flip heard what happened to Kyler and what he’s doing now to prevent bullying and knew he had to meet him while he’s in town for a show.

Kyler said he gets bullied because he can’t wear regular shoes, so he’s now collecting shoes to give to other kids who also get bullied for the shoes they wear.

“I had three pairs of shoes donated to me, because I was being bullied about my shoes and I really liked the feeling and I didn’t want other kids to get bullied because of their shoes and I wanted other kids to have that same feeling, so I started collecting them for other kids,” said Kyler Davila.

Lil’ Flip said he’s going to give Kyler a bunch of shoes from his shoe line, so that he can do just that.

If you want to donate shoes to Kyler, there is a collection box at WP Nation at 2509 Platte Place Suite A in Colorado Springs.