(COLORADO SPRINGS) — What started as a sad tale turned into a happy one, according to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) when a Facebook post for a stuck kitten turned into a rescue.

HSPPR said its Animal Logistics Manager, Allison, was scrolling on Facebook when she saw a post about a cat stuck between two fences and had seemingly passed away. Wanting to help lay the cat to rest, Allison went to the location mentioned in the post.

When she approached the cat, he perked up immediately.

The cat, as it turned out, was very much alive, just in a deep slumber when someone spotted him for the first time. According to HSPPR, the cat was “quite the chonker” so it took some work to free him from the fences, but Allison was slowly able to coax him out and bring him back to HSPPR to check for a chip.

More good news when he arrived at HSPPR – the cat had previously been at the shelter before and was adopted in 2020. HSPPR got in touch with his family, and the cat, known as “Sneakers,” was taken back home.

“This happy tail couldn’t have ended any better, and we have Allison to thank for that! Happy Tails, Sneakers!” wrote HSPPR.