Street Survival class hosted at Pikes Peak International Raceway


FOUNTAIN – Teens and their parents headed out to Pikes Peak International Raceway Sunday morning to a training to help their kids get ready for the road.

“It’s said that experience is something you get right after you need it, so were trying to give that experience to a new driver before they need it,” Arnie Coleman, the event director for the Colorado Springs Street Survival course said.

The non-profit, Tire Rack Street Survival school hosts these classes a few times a year.

According to the companies website: During the past year, more than 5,000 teenagers died in motor vehicle crashes, making automobile accidents the leading killer of American youths aged 16 to 19. To reduce this number the Tire Rack Street Survival school – a non-profit, multi-club, national driver education program aimed at teaching teens the skills they need to stay alive behind the wheel – was developed.

“I thought it would be a lot of fun and a good learning experience,” Jake Stanely, a student at the course on Sunday.

The students sit in on a classroom style teaching at first. Then once that is finished they are able to hit the road to start the events.

“We are going to do some things today that parents won’t be happy about. But it’s going to be safe and teach them what they need to do when they are out on the road,” Bob Stanely, a volunteer with Street Survival said.

Coleman stated that usually their southern Colorado class has around 20 to 25 students but because of the coronavirus pandemic this year they only had six. Coleman said they are taking the steps to keep people safe while learning to tackle the real-life challenges of the road.

“Some points in time the students and coaches are close together so we are good about masking and hand sanitizing. The whole thing,” Coleman said.

If you would like more information on upcoming classes or where to register your child click here.

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