(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) recently received a stray that had a red itchy, and scabbing muzzle. With some medications and prescription dog food, HSPPR was able to begin the healing process.

According to HSPPR, Tomato Crostini was brought into HSPPR as a stray, and they immediately knew something was wrong. Tomato’s entire muzzle was red, itchy, and scabbing. Every time they tried to handle his head, he would shake away.

  • Tomato Crostini before treatment
  • Tomato Crostini after treatment

HSPPR didn’t know Tomato’s history, so their veterinary team had to start from square one. His skin scrape returned a negative result for ringworm but still had many more possibilities for what could be causing the injury. The team started him on two medications and a prescription dog food diet.

Improvement was slow, but after a while, Tomato started to heal. The scabbing cleared up, the itchiness subsided and he started to grow some hair back. HSPPR said he still needs more time for healing so they have reached out to one of their transfer partners for help.

A rescue took in Tomato right away and HSPPR says he is receiving all of the tenderness, love, care, and treatment he needs.