Stormwater and infrastructure: City says it’s working to fix flooding issues


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — After major rains poured down on Colorado Springs over the weekend, some people are curious as to what the city is doing to fix flooding problems.

“We’ve done a lot just in the last four years but we have a long way to go,” said Tim Biolchini, Colorado Springs Program Manager of Stormwater Capital Projects.

Currently, the city is working on several projects meant to reduce flooding thereby protecting homes, businesses, and roads.

“Believe it or not, we’re still working on areas from the 2013, 2015 floods,” Biolchini said. “We just completed a couple of projects that were related to those and we have two more coming up, one on south Douglas near I-25 and Chestnut and the other north Douglas at Seton.”

Completed stormwater projects include the Garden of the Gods detention pond, Galley and Murray, the entrance to Citadel Mall, and a trail at Bear Creek and Eighth Street.

Despite those finished projects, flooding still occurred over the weekend. According to Biolchini, not only were residents surprised by the large amount of flooded roads, city officials were too.

“We had areas flooded over this past weekend that we don’t have record of flooding happening in the past,” Biolchini told FOX21.

Because of that, crews are now looking at those areas.

“We go and investigate and start to find out why it flooded, see if there’s any improvements we can make, Biolchini said.

In good news, several finished projects survived the storm without any flooding issues, meaning once an area has been fixed, the chances of it remaining that way are good.

One person living in Colorado Springs said he recently saw a finished project on Oro Blanco. He told FOX21 his expectations for his current street, Chelton Road, are now set high.

“Since that road got fixed, it is all nice and flat and there’s no bumps,” Jaxson Stilson said. “We’re excited for this road to be better than Oro Blanco.”

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