(COLORADO SPRINGS)— It only takes a matter of minutes to save someone from bleeding out.

Getting more people prepared for emergency situations is the goal of a “Stop the Bleed” training at Discovery Canyon Campus High School on Monday.

“A significant bleeding can certainly kill a person in under a few minutes. We want to provide that first level care from that time that we call 911 to the time that ambulances actually can show up,” said Bob Frederick, school nurse with Discovery Canyon Campus.

This “Stop the Bleed” training is teaching people skills they hope to never use.

“With the state of the world in terms of school violence and violence in the communities, I think it’s important that teachers, staff, school community are prepared for any event that may happen,” said Dr. Mark Wahlstrom, Discovery Canyon Principal.

That’s why they’re showing school staff the basics including how to apply pressure to a wound, ways to control bleeding and how to use a tourniquet.

“Sometimes with deeper wounds, you have to pack the wound to transfer the pressure where the bleeding vessels actually are. And sometimes when that doesn’t work, we can apply a tourniquet to cut off circulation to that area,” said Frederick.

Discovery Canyon Campus High School is also looking to add this training for students in their medical programs.

“Having more people trained and prepared and having practiced responding to those things I think is important in terms of saving lives,” said Dr. Wahlstrom.