MESA COUNTY, Colo. — Tina Peters, the Colorado Secretary of State candidate who lost the Republican Primary to Pam Anderson, has again submitted a request for a hand count of the Primary Election.

Peters has already submitted one request, but failed to provide the funding for such a recount, though Colorado law does permit her to submit a request for a recount up to 28 days after the primary. Peters’ official request to the Secretary of State’s office is dated July 25, two days before the cut-off, and states that she has successfully raised the funds for the recount.

Also on July 25, the Secretary of State’s office announced the certification of the 2022 Primary after a statewide audit showed the reported winner in all the audited races was confirmed.

Peters has long claimed that electronic voting systems are vulnerable to tampering, which is why her request for a recount of her race specifies that the recount be conducted by hand. As part of the recount, she has also requested all Cast Vote Records, ballot drop box records, all video surveillance, records pertaining to signature verification, records pertaining to registration and voter history, all ballot envelopes, and all electronic voting system logs.

Peters, an outspoken election denier, has been embattled recently in multiple scandals after she allegedly traveled out of state despite a court order not to do so. After an arrest warrant was issued for her arrest, Peters surrendered to authorities on July 22 and was booked.

This article was written using information from the Associated Press.