BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Dr. Warren Hern has been performing abortions for 50 years and, for much of that time, at the Boulder Abortion Clinic.

“My purpose is to make this as safe as possible for women, and I want to make them comfortable also,” Hern said.

Hern said that, with everything in the current political climate surrounding abortions, it could be dangerous for women living in states with tightening restrictions. He said it cause also prompt more patients to travel to Colroado, where such restrictions are light.

“I have had a doubling in patients we see in an office in a weekly basis,” Hern said.

What abortion options are available in Colorado?

In Colorado, there are no restrictions when it comes to both the abortion procedure and receiving the abortion pill, whether in person or via telehealth.

“About 50% of all early abortions in the United States are being done with the medication abortion,” Hern said.

Hern said he doesn’t prescribe the medication abortion at his clinic. He said there’s worry that the patient could experience a complication without being in the care of a doctor.

“You can simply swallow some pills, but if you have a severe complication because the uterus isn’t emptied, that can really be a problem. It can even result in death,” Hern said.

But he said women who living in rural areas, with no options for abortion procedures in the area, can have the abortion pill prescribed and sent to them in the mail.

“I know there are telehealth program. People can call in a prescription and send it in the mail. They then get the instructions over Zoom or telehealth, which is certainly better than nothing,” Hern said.