Snowboarder builds his own snow making machine


BOULDER, Colo. (CNN) — Even though the state received it’s first snowfall Thursday, but it wasn’t good enough for one snowboarding enthusiast so he built his own makeshift snow machine.

During a snow storm life can slow down a little and just over three inches fell in the Boulder Metro area.

“When you get to our age, you just flow,” neighbor Camila Donnelly said.

For more than a decade, Camila and Chuck Donnelly have called Boulder home, but only recently the view from their window changed.

“I couldn’t understand why it was snowing harder on one side of the house and not on the other,” Chuck said.

Charlie is from New Jersey and snowboarding is his passion so he made the impossible, possible.

“It’s literally my favorite thing in the world,” Charles Destafano said. “I don’t think anything comes close to it.”

So he made his very own snow making machine.

“There’s a brass ball valve and then there’s a bunch of spouts that are gonna lead to a sprinkler head,” Destafano explained. “It shoots really, really fine water.//So when it hits the air, nature does all the rest.”

Destafano even made a ramp to go down on his snowboard.

“There’s a ladder to the side and I climb up and strap in,” Destafano said. “As you’re going down which is enough speed to hit the rail.”

A quick ride, but a whole lot of fun.

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