COLORADO SPRINGS — The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office has announced it has accepted the required funds for two recounts of the June Primary Election.

“Tina Peters and Lynda Zamora Wilson have requested and paid for a recount of the primary races for Secretary of State and State Senate District 9, respectively. The recounts will be conducted in accordance with the law, and will be finished by August 4,” said Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

Once the recounts begin, counties will work with their bipartisan canvass boards to complete a logic and accuracy test (LAT) on the required tabulation equipment. Following LAT tests, the counties will begin rescanning all ballots for the Statewide Republican Primary race for Secretary of State, and El Paso will also rescan ballots for the District 9 State Senate Republican Primary race.

On Monday, July 11, Colorado began the statewide bipartisan Risk-Limiting Audit (RLA) – a post-election audit that gives a statistical level of confidence that the outcome of an election is correct. Bipartisan county audit boards successfully completed the audit on Thursday, July 14. The reported winner in all the audited races was confirmed. The race for Secretary of State was specifically audited.

Three additional candidates who requested recounts of their races did not provide required funds for discretionary recounts. Those candidates sought recounts in the Republican Primary races for State House District 18, State House District 21, and the Statewide Senate race.