(Trinidad, Colo.) — Work is underway in Trinidad to preserve the Main Street facade of the Well Hotel & Taproom.

Formerly known as the Bloom Block — the building was built in 1888 by Frank Bloom, a pioneer from Pennsylvania. According to Colorado Preservation, Bloom owned many lots in Trinidad in the mid-1800s and also built the Bloom House for his family. According to Colorado Preservation, in 1931, Frank Bloom sold the building to George Joseph, a merchant who lived on the second floor. The ground floor housed several retail businesses—for example, Lanny’s Supermarket in the mid-to-late 20th century. Then, from 1985 to 2021, Joe Terry owned the building, made improvements to the ground floor retail space, and opened a Hallmark Store.

The newest owners are a couple, Keely and Jason Williams. They bought the property after they moved to Colorado from New Orleans. They currently run the Well Taproom and are trying to turn the second floor of the building into a hotel.

“The buildings here are simply incredible. There are gorgeous old Victorian buildings, and this one is one the most beautiful on the block,” said Jason Williams.

Colorado Preservation is now helping to restore the original, historic character of the building’s facade. The group works across Colorado, helping to preserve historic sites. 

“The facade, like many buildings in our area and Trinidad, have been covered over in a modern brick kind of modernized facade, said Keely Williams. “so it was like a face on a facade. So what we wanted to do was take that off and expose the Victorian architecture of the time.”

The Williams say they would not have been able to undertake this project if not for a grant from Colorado Preservation.

You can learn more about the Well Hotel and Taproom by clicking on the link above.