Pornographic images shared by instructor during CU Denver engineering class


DENVER (KDVR) — In today’s COVID-19 world, remote learning can sometimes be monotonous and mundane. However, a mechanical engineering class at the University of Colorado Denver was anything but boring on Wednesday when several pornographic images appeared on students’ computer screens during the virtual class.

“I messaged a few of my friends saying, ‘Hey, did you see that?'” said Andrew Alcott, one of the 30 or so students who saw the images.

The pictures were visible on students’ computer screens for just a couple of seconds. They appeared to be multiple images from a photo gallery, showing people engaged in various forms of sex, and appear to have been accidentally shared with the class by their instructor.

“I wasn’t really able to focus on the class for the rest of the period. Thoughts were just racing through my mind,” Alcott said. “I was disgusted, quite frankly. Not that he’s a bad guy, but it’s just wildly unprofessional for him.”

Alcott’s mother is also disturbed by what happened.

“As soon as I heard him say, ‘There’s something weird going on,’ I went over and looked,” she said.

The Alcotts acknowledge what happened may have been a mistake, but say they’re unwilling to overlook it.

The University of Colorado Denver is now investigating the incident and provided FOX31 the following statement:

“The University of Colorado Denver is currently investigating the incident that occurred in a remote class on Zoom today and our Office of Equity is following up.  As reported, the incident is concerning and inappropriate. The university has contacted the student, and his/her parent, who brought this matter to our attention. We will keep all relevant parties apprised of the outcome of this investigation as well as necessary steps moving forward.”

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