WASHINGTON (KDVR) — Thousands of people gathered in Washington D.C. Wednesday to dispute the results of the election and hear from President Donald Trump. Shortly after he finished speaking, a large group of protesters stormed the US Capitol building and even gained entry into the House chambers.

Senators and representatives had split from their joint session to discuss a challenge to the vote results from Arizona at the time. They were placed into lock down and some were able to evacuate.

Below you will find updates from Colorado’s congressional representatives:

Rep. Joe Neguse- 3:40 a.m.:

“We promised we would do our duty, and finish the job. And we have done so. The Joint Session of Congress just certified the election of @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris as our next President and Vice-President. Onward.”

Rep. Ed. Perlmutter – 6:47 p.m.:

“I am filled with sadness and anger following the attack on the U.S. Capitol today. It is the result of a fever that has been building for weeks, months and years and which has only been further incited by President Trump. Today is a point of inflection and reflection, and we need to say enough. This only strengthens our resolve to get the Electoral Votes counted and certified and continue with a peaceful transition of power, as has been a hallmark of our nation. It’s time to get back to the business of the people and of the country as we build a better future.”

Sen. Michael Bennet – 6:13 p.m.:

“A day meant to affirm American democracy has become one of the darkest in our history. Reckless incitement by President Trump has ended in a violent, unprecedented breach of the United States Capitol by his supporters. It was an assault on our democracy and our commitments to pluralism, the rule of law, and the peaceful transition of power.”

Full statement:

In a new tweet, Rep. DeGette called for the president’s impeachment but not arrest – 5:26 p.m.:

“President Trump instigated a violent attack on our Capitol. He is a danger to our country. He should be impeached and removed from office immediately.”

Rep. Diana DeGette called for the president’s impeachment and arrest in a now-deleted tweet – 5:05 p.m.:

“President Trump instigated a violent attack on our government in an attempt to remain in power against the will of the people. He should be impeached, removed from office and arrested immediately.”

Gov. Jared Polis and Rep. Ken Buck, in a joint statement – 5:05 p.m.:

“In America, we hold free, fair, and secure elections and we honor the outcome. We respect the rule of law and an assault on our democratic republic is an assault on all of us who believe in our constitution and what makes our country extraordinary. We respect the peaceful transition of power. The alarming scenes that are unfolding in Washington are something you might expect to see in countries far from our shores, not in our nation’s capitol, and certainly not in the hallowed halls or on the floor of Congress. We are relieved that Colorado’s federal delegation is safe. We all must step up to protect the institutions of our republic, free and fair elections, and the rule of law.”

Rep. Diana DeGette – 4:05 p.m.:

“Today, the president of the United States instigated a riot and urged his supporters to lay siege to the U.S. Capitol Building to try to prevent us from certifying the election for his opponent. Make no mistake: This was not a protest, it was an attempted coup. And I never thought I’d see the day that our own president would attempt to bring down our government because he lost an election. 

“I was evacuated from the Capitol and am safe at an undisclosed location. We will return to the floor as soon as possible to finish certifying the results of the electoral college and declaring Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the next president and vice president of the United States.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert – 2:40 p.m.:

Sen. John Hickenlooper – 2:36 p.m.:

Rep. Ken Buck – 2:14 p.m.:

“What has happened at the U.S. Capitol today is disgusting and anti-American. The American people have the right to protest peacefully, but this is not peaceful and it’s not a protest. I condemn this in the strongest terms and urge everyone to stop this madness immediately.

“I want to thank the U.S. Capitol Police for their service and work in keeping members and staff safe.”

Rep. Jason Crow – 1:54 p.m.:

Rep. Joe Neguse – 1:45 p.m.:

Rep. Doug Lamborn – 1:44 p.m.:

“My staff and I are safe. I strongly condemn those individuals that have chosen to incite violence and have put our law enforcement in harm’s way. Today is supposed to be a day of constitutional debate, not violence. This is not who we are as Americans.”

Sen. Michael Bennet – 1:21 p.m.:

“The U.S. Capitol security perimeter has been breached by protesters. They’ve moved senators and representatives and their staff into a secure lockdown. We’re awaiting more details.”