COLORADO — Governor Polis signed an executive order Wednesday to extend the COVID-19 disaster declaration continuing to give agencies access to state and federal funds.

The executive order extends the duration of the executive order that Polis signed last year. On July 8, 2021, Governor Polis rescinded previous executive orders issued due to COVID and amended one that focused on the State’s recovery.

The order signed in 2021 does several things:

  • “Further refocus our efforts on recovery.”
  • “Facilitate administration of the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine.”
  • “Ensure that our healthcare facilities have sufficient resources to treat COVID-19 patients.”
  • “Improve our economic recovery.”
  • “Maintain access to additional federal funding.”
  • “Continue the State’s disaster declaration and essential directives for response and continuity of State government.”

The order ensures that agencies have access to the funding needed, continue the COVID response and recovery activities, and allow the State can procure the resources necessary to respond to COVID if it changes and adds stress to the healthcare system.

The order is set to last 30 days from August 17 unless further extended.