Eclipse chasers fighting traffic on I-25 back from Wyoming


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — As eclipse chasers made the drive back from Wyoming on Monday, southbound I-25 looked more like a parking lot than a highway.

As travelers made their way back to Colorado Springs, I-25 became more and more congested as the night went on.

People took to Twitter and Facebook all day, posting photos of how backed up I-25 became.

Many people even got off the highway to stay in Wyoming for the night and some even chose to take the drive to Nebraska.

FOX21’s Chief Meteorologist Justin Chambers was also making the drive back, sending our station a video of him walking in traffic at Glendo State Park, where people crowded to see the totality.

“Just walking at a steady pace… look at how many seconds it’s taking me to walk just a couple of car lengths all the way up. In one hour and 10 minutes and this is how far we’ve gotten,” said Chambers.

According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation, traffic to the State spiked by more than 200,000 cars over the average on Sunday.

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