Dragonman reacts to Colorado’s new “red flag” law


On Friday, Gov. Jared Polis signed the Extreme Risk Protection Orders bill, also known as the Red Flag Bill. It’s one of the most controversial bills of 2019.

“That’s a stupid bill,” Dragonman’s owner Mel Bernstein, also known as Dragonman, said. 

The law gives family members and law enforcement the right to petition a court to have guns taken away from an owner if they believe he or she poses a threat; a right that gun owners like Bernstein disagree with.

Bernstein, who claims to be the “Most Armed Man in America,” believes the law is unconstitutional.

“It isn’t really written right,” Bernstein said. “Let’s say my ex-wife says ‘oh Dragonman, he’s a bad person’ and then the deputies come and take all my guns.”

Under this new law, a judge has to approve the petition to have the guns removed. Once law enforcement seizes the guns, a formal hearing will be scheduled 14 days after the firearms are seized, and gun owners will have to prove that they are not a risk to get their guns back.

“In another 10 years everything behind me will be illegal, at this rate,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein is not alone. Sheriffs all across Colorado have taken a stance against the law.

In a statement released Friday, El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder said he will challenge the law.

“There is a mental health crisis in this country, in this state and our communities,” he said in the statement. “The Red Flag Bill does nothing to address the underlying mental health of an individual, it only violates in my opinion, the right of a citizen to possess firearms. As I previously stated, I am exploring all available legal options and am committed to vigorously challenge the constitutionality of this law.”

The law takes effect in 2020. 

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