Denver man turns snow into neighborhood art

Still from video courtesy KDVR

Still from video courtesy KDVR

DENVER (KDVR) — On a windy, cold day when most neighbors are busy shoveling out, David Huhn is digging in.

Snow is the substitute teacher’s canvas.

After nearly every snowstorm, Huhn creates elaborate snow sculptures in his front yard in the 2200 block of South Lafayette Street in south Denver. It’s something he’s been doing more most of the last decade.

“I don’t think we do enough artistic stuff in life. We leave that to the professionals,” Huhn said.

Huhn doesn’t profess to be an artist. His work is more of a creative outlet. He estimates he’s made about 60 snow sculptures over the past 5 years, each accompanied by a pun.

“My students have accused me of using dad jokes,” Huhn said.

“It’s cringe-worthy sometimes, but it always make me chuckle,” said Nathaniel Minor, one of the many neighbors who regularly walks past Huhn’s house to check out his creations.

“They travel from miles around to see what the master is up to,” added another neighbor.

Some of Huhn’s sculptures take almost an entire day of work to create. Others are less elaborate.

“My wife sometimes looks askance at the time I spend out here,”

Only mother nature knows how many sculptures he’ll create this year. Last year was a doozy.

“I kept doing sculptures at the end that were centered around the end of winter, and then again the end of winter, and again the end of winter,” Huhn said.

However, whether it’s 20 inches of snow or one, you’ll find Huhn out from of his home, transforming snow into works of art.

“He’s got the child in him. What can I say? “He’s not afraid to try things. He’s lovely,” said David’s wife, Jane.

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