(COLORADO) — The Colorado State Patrol (CSP) is returning to Bandimere Speedway for its “Take it to the Track” events, beginning Wednesday, April 26 through Oct. 11.

The event will run most Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Bandimere Speedway, located at 3051 South Rooney Road in Morrison. CSP has partnered with Bandimeer Speedway for 19 years to give drivers of legal age a controlled environment to legally race.

CSP said 2022 hit a 41-year high in traffic deaths and speeding was a major factor in those fatalities. For a number of Colorado’s younger drivers, street racing remains a high-risk activity for them, their spectators, and the general public.

“Street racing is a dangerous game with lethal consequences. That’s why troopers are happy to donate their time to these weekly events,” stated Sgt. Bonnie Collins, Colorado State Patrol. “Drivers of all ages can bring their friends, race each other, and even race a trooper – we don’t mind ‘losing’ as long as the racing is done legally and not on the public roadways.”

According to CSP, in 2022, troopers’ top citation for drivers between the ages of 16-21 was speeding with 7,093 citations. When troopers investigated fatal crashes speeding was found to be the second-highest causal factor for at-fault drivers in the same age group.

“The Colorado State Patrol Take it to the Track events are the best part of our summer as we truly value the opportunity to make an impact in the community and in the lives of so many individuals,” General Manager Sporty Bandimere added. “At Bandimere Speedway, safety has been the focus since 1958 while giving the ability to people of any age, any vehicle, a haven to play and experience the automobile is what we continue to do.”

With the exception of June 14, June 21, July 12, and July 19, ‘Take it to the Track’ events will be held every Wednesday, beginning on April 26 through Oct. 11.