DENVER (KDVR) — If you’re searching for live music this Summer, you might want to head down river.

That’s right. There’s a new musical experience in Colorado that’ll pair you with a river guide and some well-known bluegrass musicians!

“The result has been absolutely incredible,” said Scotty Stougthon, the person spearheading the project.

That project? RiverWonderGrass.

Stougthon created it after learning the music festival he produces, WinterWonderGrass, wouldn’t be able to take place this year due to the pandemic. Instead, he shifted his focus.

“I helped create this company ‘Adrift’ [rafting] a couple years ago and I’ve kind of been waiting for this moment to mesh my worlds,” Stougthon said.

For four days, guides and musicians will take you 44 miles down either the Yampa River [only available in May] or Green River [available all Summer] in northwest Colorado.

Not only will the bluegrass artists play incredible music while you’re camping on the trip, they’ll also carry some tunes as  rafts carry you down river.

“It’s really put in place for the artists equally. They’re really struggling right now,” Stougthon explained. “They have less of an outlet to explore, to get financially get compensated and to help them through this really troubled time”.

Only 25 people are allowed on the trip. Tickets cost $1,150 per person.

You’ll also get a chance to explore parts of Dinosaur National Monument along the way.

“When you are silent and listening into that space what you then inhale is a spirit that is unlike any other,” said Ariel Rosemberg, marketing director for RiverWonderGrass.

The next trip is slated for August 21-24. It will start at the Gates of Lodore in Colorado and end at Split Mountain Campground in Utah.

It will feature musicians Jake Simpson and the Reverend Matthew Rieger (The Lil Smokies) and Tyler Grant (USA Flat Picking Champ).

You can learn more about it by clicking here.