DENVER — Colorado General Attorney Phil Weiser said an agreement with Comcast on HD television service could save 40,000 customers money.

Those customers can switch – without penalty – to a new plan that does not include a monthly $9.95 fee for high-definition television service.

Comcast began offering the paid service in the early 2000s, but since then, HD has become standard industry-wide. Still, the company continued to charge an HD fee to customers with older service packages.

“Extra monthly fees add up for Colorado consumers, and we are dedicated to making sure companies present their prices in a clear and straightforward way,” Weiser said Friday. “When we raised this issue with Comcast, they proactively worked with us to make sure that the affected customers are aware of the HD fee and have the option to stop paying it.”

Comcast has agreed to notify within 90 days 40,000 Coloradans who continue to pay a separate HD TV fee that they can switch to a new plan that does not include an additional fee for HD service, without a penalty.

The Attorney General’s Office has authored similar agreements in the past, including with DISH and DIRECTV.