(COLORADO SPRINGS) — One of many sweeping gun reform measures passed in the state legislature will raise the minimum age to buy a firearm starting Monday, Aug. 7.

SB23-169 will prohibit anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing a gun. Exceptions are made for active members of the United States armed forces, peace officers, and those who are certified by the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) board.

While local gun shops and shooting ranges like DCF Guns say this might lower profit, businesses are more concerned for the people who no longer have their Second Amendment right.

“People under the age of 21 are no longer going to have the right to defend themselves with firearms,” said DCF Store Manager, Kevin Day. “The best thing we can do is continue to educate the public…”

Groups like the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO) have even filed lawsuits against Governor Jared Polis and the State of Colorado in hopes of striking down the new law, which they believe is unconstitutional. On Thursday, Aug. 3, the organization filed a Temporary Restraining Order to potentially prevent the law from going into effect.

RMGO said if you can vote at 18, you should be able to buy a gun.

“You can be drafted into the military. You can go and die for your country, but you can’t own a gun. That’s just wrong,” stated Taylor Rhodes, RMGO Executive Director.

State sponsors of the legislation said it’s a common sense gun measure to protect the youth, not a means to criminalize responsible gun owners.

“This isn’t trying to infringe on anybody’s rights…” said Rep. Monica Duran, Majority House Leader. “What it comes down to is saving lives, we know that youth suicide has increased. We know domestic violence has increased…”

Rep. Duran went on to explain that limiting access is a step toward improving public safety.

“The easier it is to access something, the more likelihood that it can be used in a way that could be detrimental to not just our youth but our community,” said Rep. Duran.