Colorado Lottery Powerball changes minimum reset jackpot to $20 million

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PUEBLO, Colo. – The Colorado Lottery has announced changes to the minimum reset Powerball jackpot.

Adapting to changes in consumer purchasing habits because of COVID-19, following the next Grand Prize win, the Powerball jackpot will reset to $20 million with minimum roll increases of $2 million between drawings.

The Powerball Product Group that operates the game nationally announced the changes in a press release Wednesday, stating that the changes are being made to ensure that the game can continue to support proceeds beneficiaries in all 48 U.S. lottery jurisdictions.

“The Powerball Group that operates this game routinely adjusts the jackpot, as we do for Colorado Lotto +, based on sales,” said Tom Seaver, director of the Colorado Lottery. “All of the shelter in place orders across the country have affected typical player behaviors. As Powerball and all lotteries have in the past, the group is just creating room in the way it operates to be able to set and adjust the jackpot up or down depending on sales.”   

After the next Grand Prize (Jackpot) is won, Powerball will reset the Jackpot to a guaranteed $20 million (annuity) with minimum roll increases of $2 million between drawings.  The increase may be more dependent on sales, but it won’t be less than $2 million.

Wednesday’s advertised jackpot is a guaranteed $150 million, a $114.8 million cash value. If the jackpot is won in tonight’s drawing, the jackpot will reset to a guaranteed $20 million (annuity) for the

Saturday, March 28 drawing with minimum jackpot roll increases of $2 million between drawings. If the jackpot is not won tonight, then the jackpot will grow to an estimated $160 million (annuity).

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