COLORADO SPRINGS — A new study has revealed the top 10 states with the lowest self-reported obesity rates amongst American adults, and Colorado takes the crown!

This may come as unsurprising news to many Coloradans, who take advantage of our many days of sunshine and our plentiful parks and trails.

The research comes from the Healthy State Index, which looked at a range of factors, including the prevalence of adult smokers, self-reported obesity rates, adult binge drinking rates, life expectancy, regular exercise rates, and fruit and vegetable intake. Taking all of those factors into account, the index awarded a health score to each state to find out which is the healthiest.

While Colorado did not score the top spot for healthiest state – that honor went to Washington state – Colorado did rank #1 in lowest self-reported obesity rates, with a 24.2% obesity rate.

Colorado still falls in the top 10 healthiest states, however, with similar stats to even the healthiest states. Colorado, for example, has one of the highest life expectancies at 80.4 years, along with a relatively low percentage of smokers at 13.5%, and one of the highest percentage of those surveyed who said they exercise regularly.

Colorado ranks sixth in overall health ranking, behind Washington, Massachusetts, Vermont, Utah, and Connecticut.

RankStateSelf-Reported Obesity Prevalence
4New York26.3%

You can view the entire study by clicking here.