COLORADO — Colorado has added a way to personalize driver’s licenses through the myColorado™ app.

On Tuesday the State of Colorado launched the new Affinity Icon for the Colorado Digitial ID through their official mobile app myColorado. Users of the app can now personalize the back of their Digital ID with one of 16 icons representing a preference, hobby, or interest. The Affinity Icon is free for residents to add, change or remove at any time and can only be done through the myColorado app.

“True to our trailblazing nature, we are the only state to celebrate our differences by letting Coloradans personalize the one thing we all share – our driver’s license,” said Lu Cordova, Strategic Planning & Projects, Governor’s Office.

State of Colorado

The Colorado Digital ID allows residents to create an electronic version of their Colorado driver’s license or state-issued ID card. The digital ID is displayed on smartphones for proof of ID, age, and address. The State of Colorado says the ID is a secure, visual representation of the legally-accepted physical ID. Currently, Colorado State Patrol, 16 law enforcement agencies, and more than 400 businesses across the state accept Digital IDs.

The Affinity Icon’s release marked the completion of the Iconic Colorado initiative which was the Colorado driver’s license redesign revealed in February

The myColorado app can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play. More details about Digital ID and the myColorado app are at