CDOT looking for more workers ahead of winter season


DENVER (KDVR) — As we all hope to see snowy roads, CDOT is telling us they need to fill more than 200 jobs, saying the percentage of vacancies is almost double what it usually is.

Colorado Department of Transportation leaders said they have been planning ahead for winter weather, moving workers around to make sure the roads stay safe. But like everyone else, they are having a tough time recruiting people and that concerns them.

CDOT held a job fair in Boulder, like they have been doing elsewhere around the state. The problem is, they need more people to show up.

“Normally, we have about a 10% vacancy. Right now, we’re at about 17-18%. So we really are trying to encourage folks to come out,” said Jared Fiel, CDOT’s northeast regional communications director.

CDOT is looking for workers in all regions, with a big need for workers in the maintenance department.

“Especially come winter,” Fiel said. “We need the plow truck drivers, we need folks to get out there on the roads. What’s nice about CDOT: you get your foot in the door and you can start seeing what other areas are available and really be able to move up that ladder. That’s what I think these career fairs are really providing a good opportunity for.”

They say promotions are a big driver for their worker shortage but right now, they are bringing on people who do necessarily have a background in the department.

“There is still a lot of people out there who are looking and that’s why we want to really tap in with career fairs like this. Because that really does help reach those folks who might be thinking, OK, I couldn’t really get into CDOT before. Now, I can,” Fiel said.

Outside of the career fairs, CDOT said you job-seekers can always apply online.

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