(COLORADO) — Following President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night, Feb. 7, Senator Michael Bennet and Congressman Doug Lamborn have released statements on the direction of the nation, and the President’s performance.

Senator Bennet praised the progress made toward bolstering the economy, but added that work still needs to be done to help lift up the working class.

Read his statement below:

Tonight, President Biden celebrated our historic progress in the past two years to build an economy that works for everyone — from keeping millions of kids out of poverty with the expanded Child Tax Credit to investing in our nation’s infrastructure to jumpstarting American clean energy and manufacturing.

But our work isn’t finished. Despite strong job numbers, Colorado’s families still struggle in an economy that has primarily benefited large corporations and the wealthiest ten percent. At the same time, the West faces a 1,200-year megadrought. Our democracy remains at risk from political extremists and unaccountable tech companies that amplify them. 

America is an incredible nation and we have the ability to build a better, stronger future for our kids. To get there, we have to work together to protect our democracy, deliver for the American West, and build an economy that grows for everyone.

Senator Michael Bennet

Congressman Lamborn also touched on the struggles of American families in his statement, as well as the border “disaster,” inflation, and international policy.

“Domestically, American families are struggling to make ends meet while being forced to pay for the far left’s social and climate justice policies,” Lamborn said in his response. “Our national debt is rising, inflation is at a whopping 6.5%, and families have paid an extra $10,000 in costs of goods and services since Joe Biden stepped into office.”

Lamborn addressed recent events involving a Chinese balloon found hovering over U.S. airspace, and went as far as to blame Biden’s security policies for setting the stage for that incident.

“On the international stage, our adversaries have been emboldened by Biden’s weak national security policies. The disastrous and embarrassing exit from Afghanistan set the stage for China to violate American airspace with its spy balloon.”

“There is a reason Republicans took back the House, and that’s because of speeches like tonight where Biden ignored and deflected blame for inflation, rising crime, and a border crisis his administration created,” said Lamborn. “American’s deserve solutions, not the lame excuses they just heard from President Biden.”

You can read Lamborn’s statement in its entirety on his Twitter account.