Aurora police officer allegedly texts witness, asking if she’s single


AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A witness to a crime hopes to warn her community about a strange interaction she had with an Aurora, Colorado, police officer. She says the officer taking down her information later used her number to hit on her.

“I  was shocked,” Rachel Jones said.

Jones thought witnessing someone throw a rock at her neighbor’s windshield was startling enough, but what happened when she tried to be a good Samaritan and aid in a police report has her even more concerned.

“It kind of sucks that my opinion now is, don’t give the cops your real phone number, which doesn’t feel right, but I feel like there’s an erosion of trust,” Jones said. 

Jones told KDVR that two officers came to take her eyewitness account and took down her personal information with it. She said the entire visit seemed very normal.

Less than 24 hours later, she received a text message from someone saying they are the officer with whom she spoke.

“He identified himself as an officer, the handsome one with the beard, and said I seemed cool and attractive,” Jones said. 

The text goes on to say he’s wondering if she’s single. He also apologizes if the text seems inappropriate in the same message.

“I didn’t respond. I properly blocked the number and I turned around and reported this as soon as I could because I was pretty livid that this invasion of my privacy was happening by an officer of the law,” Jones said, adding, “It’s kind of like, ‘Who do you turn to?'”

A police spokesperson confirms they are investigating the allegation to see if it was indeed one of their officers who sent the message and if any policies were violated.

“I’m not super optimistic. I think my point in bringing attention to this is so that other people know that this can happen,” Jones said. “I’m probably not the first person and I probably won’t be the last.”

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