COLORADO SPRINGS — State Rep. Dave Williams (R) filed a criminal complaint against State Rep. Doug Lamborn (R) for allegedly broadcasting “an outrageous and wildly fallacious attack ad” against him on television, Wednesday.

State Rep. Dave Williams (R) is demanding broadcasters remove an “attack ad” from State Rep. Doug Lamborn.

A Colorado law makes it a class one misdemeanor for a candidate to knowingly make false statements about their opponents. It is a class two misdemeanor for a candidate to recklessly make false statements about their opponents. In addition, per Williams’ press release, “FCC rules mandate that TV and radio outlets immediately stop Lamborn’s ads from being aired on their stations.”

However, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) notes on its website that it “generally does not”:

  • Review or pre-approve the content of political ads before they are broadcast
  • Ensure the accuracy of statements that are made my candidates and issue advertisers
  • Require broadcast stations and other regulatees to provide all sides of controversial issues
  • Oversee the nature and extent of the coverage that individual candidates receive in news programs

Williams said in a press release that, “Doug Lamborn spent tens of thousands of dollars” on an ad campaign “that tries to deflect from [his] failed record and numerous House Ethics Committee investigations.”

“Lamborn knows he’s in danger of losing his failed 16-year career in Congress, while facing ever-expanding congressional ethics investigations,” the Representative continued in a press release sent earlier this week, “It’s no surprise he would bald-face lie about my pro-life record and steadfast support for Trump to cover his own tracks on funding Planned Parenthood, CRT, and betraying President Trump himself.”

Ahead of Colorado’s Republican primary election, Lamborn released a 30-second ad that stated Williams was “fired by President Trump’s Colorado Campaign.” According to the ad, Williams also introduced a bill that diverted funds from traffic violation fines to pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood instead of local police.

Williams’ wife, Emily, further expressed her shock and disbelief that Lamborn, who she described as a self-described Christian, “would stoop so low.” The press release stated that Williams has steadfastly fought for the issue of life in the State House and a recent personal tragedy from which their family is still recovering.

Emily said, “This isn’t just politics, it’s personal now and after trying for so long to have children ourselves, while suffering multiple miscarriages, disgusting lies like this from Lamborn are a hypocritical slap in the face because my husband knows firsthand that all life is precious.”

The press release stated that a cease and desist notice will be sent to any TV and radio station airing Lamborn’s “attack” ads. In the statement, Williams said, “no one should get to make things up.”

“Doug Lamborn doesn’t get to violate the law by knowingly and recklessly making false statements especially during a tragic moment for the Williams’ family as they heal from the loss of their unborn child,” said James Cook, an attorney working with the campaign. “We intend to have these false ads taken down and for Lamborn to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

FOX21 News reached out to Lamborns office and was told, “no comment.”