(EL PASO COUNTY, Colo.) — The El Paso County Board of County Commissioners chair gave an optimistic view of the current state and future during his State of the Region Address Thursday, Nov. 10.

Stan Vanderwerf praised collaborative efforts with local law enforcement to safeguard the community and local policies to squash human trafficking and the fentanyl crisis. However, he also added that the state as a whole needs to be tougher on “peddlers of death.”

“The state of the region is strong. We are strong because we respond to and overcome challenges together,” stated Vanderwerf. “We use our economic and political power, both public and private, in cooperation to enhance our region, thus ensuring we have a great place to live, work and play. And we discover and plan for tomorrow’s challenges to ensure our future will also be successful.”

Coming out of the pandemic, Vanderwerf says the economy and public health are in a good place. He also said that El Paso County is growing and the County Commissioners are working on managing that growth along with making sure there is a healthy ecosystem to accommodate it.

The County Commissioner stated they are going to continue working towards goals to lead the region together in a shared vision of the future for El Paso County.