(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The union representing workers at a Starbucks location in Colorado Springs said the chain has shut down the store, just weeks before their first bargaining date.

Workers at the Starbucks on the corner of Brookside Street and North Nevada Avenue were informed on Oct. 3 that the store would be permanently closing. Workers had previously requested that Starbucks bargain with them on Oct. 24, prior to the announcement of the store closure.

Instead, Starbucks Corporate is choosing to close the store permanently on Oct. 23, the day before the requested bargaining date, according to the Workers United union. The union said this is the 9th store with union activity in the past few months to be permanently closed by the company.

The union said Starbucks is claiming the closure of the Brookside & Nevada location is for health & safety concerns, though workers at the store said they have been facing the same problems for years without any action from the company. The union insists in a press release that the closure is “clear retaliation against union workers.”   

“Our safety has never been a concern for them. No matter how many times we begged for different safety measures to be put in place,” said shift supervisor Spencer Estabrooks. “So the sudden closure ‘due to safety concerns’ feels like they’re trying to silence us.”

The workers at Brookside and Nevada do not want the store to close, the union said. What workers want is for Starbucks to address the issues that workers have been bringing up for years and to work with the partners to find solutions to those issues. 

The Workers United Union confirmed to FOX21 that they will be meeting with Starbucks on Oct. 14 to bargain for workers at the location to obtain timely and convenient transfers to other stores. Stick with FOX21 for updates on this story.