(CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo.) — Two women who were facing child abuse charges in Chaffee County have had their child abuse charges either dismissed or acquitted following a trial on Monday, according to a spokesperson for the defendants.

45-year-old Roberta Rodriguez of Buena Vista and 40-year-old Amy Lovato of Salida were served with charges in January in connection to a complaint filed with the Chaffee County Department of Human Services (DHS) for lack of supervision for children at The Schoolhouse, which is part of the Chaffee County Child Care Initiative (CCI).

Rodriguez is the former Site Director of The Schoolhouse daycare facility, and Lovato is the former Executive Director of CCI, a nonprofit 501c3 organization in Chaffee County. Lovato also served as a substitute teacher at The Schoolhouse when needed.

Lovato and Rodriguez were initially charged with Failure to Report Child Abuse or Neglect and with Knowingly Placing a Child in a Situation that Posed a Threat of Injury, which falls under the category of child abuse.

According to a spokesperson for the two women, Rodriguez’s lawyer filed to separate the two cases, which was granted, and the Child Abuse charge against her was dropped. A trial for her Failure to Report charge will occur at a later date.

Lovato was also acquitted of both the charges against her, her spokesperson said, and found not guilty of both Child Abuse and Failure to Report.

FOX21 News has reached out to the 11th Judicial District for comment and is awaiting a response.