COLORADO SPRINGS — May the Fourth has a special meaning for Star Wars fans. It is a day to celebrate the classic science-fiction film and the many games, comics, and series it has inspired.

The Space Foundation Discovery Center marked the occasion this weekend with a day of festivities to celebrate the fun and science of the beloved series on Saturday. Stormtroopers, The Mandalorian, and of course, R2D2 welcomed guests. People were able to make baby Yoda cookies, watch a science on a sphere presentation and build a mini lightsaber. Many guests dressed as favorite star wars characters to celebrate the classic science-fiction film.

“Star Wars as a saga has been so long-lasting and has sent so many kids into their adulthood loving space and loving science that they have taken that love well beyond the movies to real space and to real science, and that is what we are about at the discovery center,” said Jeff Gonyea, the Space Foundation Discovery Center Program Manager.

Parents, as well as kids, loved the event.

“I really liked the presentation of comparing Starwars planets to planets in our solar system,” said Jenni Collins who attended the event.

Starting June 4th, the Discovery Center will kick off the summer of discovery.
This year’s theme is searching for life, so they’ll have different lessons scheduled each Saturday.
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