COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — One neighborhood is dealing with some massive sinkholes in the middle of the street, causing cars to swerve around them.

Some are worried the problem could get worse if it’s not fixed soon.

The sinkholes are in the southwest part of town on Irvington Court, where there are two, and on Ellsworth Street, which has another.

Neighbors said one sinkhole has been getting worse for around three weeks, while the others are more recent and progressing faster.

Diane Smith said the city isn’t doing nearly enough to fix the problem.

“They’re doing nothing, other than putting cones around, which is not a fix. … It just makes me crazy, because you want to be careful there’s another car coming, you have to stop. It’s just ridiculous,” said Smith.

This problem isn’t going away by itself.

“They’re getting worse,” said Smith. “When we went out yesterday the one down around the corner was sinking, you could see, but it hadn’t gone down. We came up about four hours later and it completely collapsed.”

Smith said she’s disappointed in the city.

“We have not seen one person. Nobody from the city, even driving up to see where they are,” said Smith.

That is angering for her and her neighbors.

“It hasn’t rained in this area and yet they still haven’t been up here, so they don’t have an excuse and I think heavy rain is going to make it much worse,” said Smith.

Some people in this neighborhood said they don’t care how the sinkholes in the neighborhood get fixed. They just want them to get fixed, and soon.

A city representative said the Streets Department is aware of the sinkholes, and has barricaded them.

“The sinkholes are being caused by ground water with the rising water table level, so they cannot be repaired until the water recedes,” the city said in a statement. “With most sinkholes, there are utility or stormwater failures that can be quickly repaired, but that is not the case here.”