FOUNTAIN, Colo.- A Fountain teen is making a name for herself in a unique sport and she’s been selected to go to Italy for a MotoTrials competition as one of three women to represent the United States.

Courtney Allison is a 16-year-old Fountain-Fort Carson senior. She’s been a MotoTrials competitor since she was 11 years old, but has been an avid motocross rider since the age of two.

“I got my first dirt bike when I was two from my parents. We kind of killed some ATVs. We decided to get us motorcycles and then when I was 11… Ever since then I’ve been riding, practicing starting competitions, and I haven’t stopped since,” Allison said.

MotoTrials are a slow-speed motorcycle sport in which riders hop on a specialized motorcycle without a seat and ride across different obstacles including large rocks and hills.

“We have to be extremely precise with everything you do. Like the difference is like four inches could either make or break the line, so you have to be 100% on point the entire time,” Allison said.

After competing in this year’s nationals, she was asked to be apart of the USA MotoTrials team for a world competition called Trial des Nations in Monza, Italy in this September.

Courtney Allison

“It’s where every country that rides trial sends over a male and a female team. We compete against everybody to basically see who’s the best in the world. So like the Olympics are motorcycles,” Allison said.

Allison has traveled all over the country to compete but this is her first time traveling out of the country. She said she has always wanted to get to this point but never thought it would happen while she was still in high school.

“It was a goal for me. I expected it probably another three or four years down the road. Originally, I was just hoping to be able to ride nationals, and now I’m going to be riding internationally, which is not what I was expecting at this age,” Allison said.

For Allison, her love for the sport comes form the community she’s surrounded by and the thrill for riding.

“Some of my best friends are from around the country. If you need help, they’re always there to help you and if you need somebody to ride with, you can text anybody. They’ll be like, Yeah, I’ll come pick you up. We can go ride somewhere,” Allison said.

She’s excited for her chance to represent her Southern Colorado community, country and to show other girls it’s possible in a male-dominated sport.

“To be one of those five and selected to go ride for our nation, it’s like showing that women can do the sport. They’re welcome to the sport. People are willing to help you. And so it’s huge to represent the female population, but also the nation,” Allison said.

Even though Allison’s team is a US National style team, it is rider and donation funded. To donate visit the team’s GoFundMe page.

Allison’s team will be competing September 24th and 25th, to stay updated and to watch their ride visit their Facebook page.