COLORADO SPRINGS — Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) has announced a partnership with Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 (FFC8) to join the library’s PowerPass program for students.

PowerPass is a digital library card for students that provides access to library resources like; databases, eBooks, and song and movie downloads. According to PPLD, the PowerPass program is designed to supplement existing school resources.

PPLD said that “Elementary students and their parents will benefit from kid-friendly eBook and audiobook access, digital education resources, and in-person classes at PPLD to learn how to write, draw, code, or use makerspace equipment. High school and middle school students can use their PowerPass for online access to live tutors and online foreign language courses. They can also get help with projects and prepare for the future with practice SAT tests.”

“Bringing a service like this to children in FFC8 will add many opportunities that will support student success. Tools like virtual tutoring and extracurricular activities will give students additional access to instructional supports and enrichment,” said Dr. Lori Cooper, FFC8 Assistant Superintendent of Student Achievement. “The district is also excited about having reading materials more accessible to all students who may not have the ability to regularly visit the library.”

The PowerPass program currently serves six school districts, and you can learn more about the program at here.