TRINIDAD, Colo. — Just outside of Trinidad, the small community of Sopris gathered for the 50-year reunion of a town that is now at the bottom of Trinidad Lake.

This town was sacrificed to make way for the Trinidad dam in the early 1970s.

Sopris is said to have been a tight-knit community. Credit: Dez Rowe

In honor of the town which is now under water, Governor Jared Polis named July 2nd, Sopris Colorado Day.

The Sopris reunion has taken place every five years since the demolition of the coal town.

“We love it. We love Sopris,” said Carmela Ferrero, former Sopris resident. “And I was very, very sad when we had to leave here. Because, well, this is beautiful. This here is beautiful. So we have that. But we had to give up our homes. But we can just have the memory that it was a good life.”

The Trinidad dam left the town underwater. Credit: Dez Rowe

The people who used to live in the town have taken up residence in Trinidad and surrounding areas and they describe Sopris as one big, happy family built on faith and love.

On Saturday, they celebrated with a morning mass, lunch, yard games and enjoyed each other’s company while swapping memories of the town that is now under water.