Some cannabis clubs receive cease and desist letters after failing to apply for license


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Studio A64 has a bone to pick with the city.

“It very much appeared to us that this was more for sure than a true intent of working with the clubs and actually regulating them,” said Jason Warf, executive director with the Southern Colorado Cannabis Council.

The city passed an ordinance back in March, requiring all cannabis consumption clubs to be licensed.

The city says this was passed in order to ban new clubs from opening and limit licensing to clubs created before September 22 of last year.

Cannabis clubs had until April 29 to apply for licensing.

The city says 7 of them did not meet the deadline and were sent cease and desist letters.

Warf says agreeing to the city’s licensing would bring an end to their business.

The license would end the consumption, exchange, share, and sale of marijuana.

“Consumption and the reimbursement models that clubs currently operate on were the reasons cited,” Warf said.

Those are two components Warf says keeps club doors open.

“We’re a little bit in the dark as to why now. You know, our clubs have been in operation, some of them for over three years. Studio 64 opened literally right after 64 passed,” Warf said.

Warf says the biggest risk here is to public safety.

“We literally have tens of thousands of people visiting Colorado for cannabis and nothing more. What we’re doing here is we’re creating a very bad environment for these tourists and for a lot of local people who just don’t have an alternative place to medicate,” Warf said.

Studio A64 filed an appeal against the city’s cease and desist order on Friday.

Warf adds they do support licensing and regulation, just not wording the city uses in the license.

Meanwhile the city says 5 cannabis clubs applied for licensing.

One was approved, two were denied and two more are under review.

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