COLORADO SPRINGS — On Thursday, 50 students at Carson Middle School on Fort Carson received brand new bikes.

30 III Armored Corps Fort Hood Soldiers training on Fort Carson built the bikes in a team-building activity.

“It was so heartfelt. I had teared up a little bit. I’m not going to lie, but it’s something I’ve never got to do in my army career,” said SFC Alisa Licata, Fort Hood.

Volunteers of America Colorado sponsored the event and the Weifield Group donated the bikes and helmets.

“In the nonprofit world, you have a lot of days that you did a good thing that day and maybe you couldn’t see it,” said Jon Ewing, Communications Manager for Volunteers of America Colorado. “But today is instant gratification, we built the bikes this morning and we gave them to them today.”

Each of the bikes came with a helmet and a personal note.

“Each of us got to write a personal note whether it was funny or inspirational,” said Licata. “We wanted them to know that the bikes came from a soldier and from a place of love, basically, and a special token they can take with them.”

Pablo Rodriguez, an eighth grade student at Carson Middle School, was one of the students who got to pick out a bike.

“It feels pretty cool,” said Rodriguez. “I saw my classmate get a bike, and I thought I wasn’t going to get one but I got one.”

Rodriguez said he is going to ride his bike around the neighborhood and to school.

“I feel like they’re going to always remember this, and every time they get on the bike and be like oh a soldier made this for me, said Licata. “They’re going to carry that and tell their friends…I heard the principal say that for days they’ve been excited and talking about it.”

Licata said she hopes to continue the bike-building event.

“We are going to keep doing this probably every quarter,” said Licata. “I loved it and I think everybody else got something out of it as well.”

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